Commercial and Business Litigation: The Importance of Having a Corporate Lawyer

Each year, millions of Americans try to navigate court and litigation processes without a lawyer. While this might work for some minor civil cases (and even in these instances it is unadvisable)—trying to do without a lawyer, … Read More

From Titans Of Tech To Mom & Pops What Is Commercial Litigation And When Do You Need It?

From Titans of Tech to Mom & Pops – What is Commercial Litigation and When Do You Need It?

Apple vs. Samsung. More than just a rivalry, these “Titans of Tech” have engaged in a series of lawsuits regarding the design of smartphones and tablet computers over recent years. And while Apple vs. Samsung is … Read More

How To Avoid Suffering From A Breach Of Contract

How To Avoid Suffering from a Breach of Contract

You’ve probably heard the ominous phrase “breach of contract,” but what does it mean exactly? And more practically, how does a breach of contract affect your business and how can it be avoided? A breach of … Read More

Property Damage Attorney Fighting To Make Your Claim

Who Covers for You when your Coverage doesn’t? Property Damage Attorneys Fight for Your Insurance Rights

Isn’t insurance all about having the proper coverage when you need it? Unfortunately, no. Many insurance companies count on clients misunderstanding the policies purchased. These companies profit by relying on the “fine print” to save them … Read More

Property Damage Attorney Fighting To Make Your Claim

Property Damage Attorney: Fighting to Make Your Claim

Interpreting your policy in a way that benefits them, your compensation is less than satisfactory. Don’t they understand you agreed to a monthly premium under the premise they’d cover the financial implications associated with damage or … Read More

Ensure Your Website Is Accessible With Ada Compliance Defense Attorneys

Ensure Your Website Is Accessible with ADA Compliance Defense Attorneys

Making Your Site Accessible In today’s business world, it is vital that a company not only has a website, but makes it a user-friendly, aesthetically engaging, and informative space that will pull in new customers and … Read More

Solnick Law Now Assists With Eviction Related Cases With Landlord And Tenant Law Specialty

Solnick Law Now Assists with Eviction Related Cases with Landlord and Tenant Law Specialty

Renting a property often comes with some baggage. To be sure that the tenant and the landlord are aware of the terms and conditions of their lease, each state establishes laws that cover both parties in … Read More

Securities Law: What it Means and When You Can Use It

WHAT ‘SECURITIES LAW’ MEANS If you own a business or invest, you need to know what securities law is and when you might need a securities attorney. Securities law consist of the state and federal laws … Read More

Businessman In Front Of Bookcase

Why Would You Need a Commercial Litigator?

As a business owner, there is a plethora of factors to consider and items to manage on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t matter if you run a small restaurant or a large insurance corporation, you have … Read More

Depositphotos 96913254 Original

Your Rights as An Employee: What You Need to Know

Do you know your rights as an employee? It’s always important to know your rights as an employee so you can know if you are being taken advantage of or otherwise find yourself in a work … Read More

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