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Renting a property often comes with some baggage. To be sure that the tenant and the landlord are aware of the terms and conditions of their lease, each state establishes laws that cover both parties in case of any problems. However, disputes between tenants and landlords can happen. Whether it’s failure to pay rent, property damage, premises liability or any violations of lease provisions. These are reasons to file for eviction related cases. Nevertheless, either party must seek the right team to help them and guide them through the correct process.

Though the legal rights and obligations for each party are clear under Florida Statures; there are some South Florida counties and municipalities that have other ordinances and laws. For example, health and safety standards, noise and nuisance regulations, and anti-discrimination rules that affect owners and renters. These ordinances can be found online by searching your city and the ordinance in question. Other ways to find this information is by visiting a public library or taking a trip down to the office of the city attorney.

While doing this research to prepare a lease or in case a disagreement is already evolving a professional also has the knowledge and experience to guide either or both parties in the right direction. At Solnick Law P.A., our professionals assist both tenants and landlords looking for either service. They also try to find solutions that won’t require litigation.

Relying on our team of professionals will give both parties peace of mind when dealing with all the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. We can help you write a fair lease with explicit terms that can quickly resolve disagreements between both parties. Our team has years of experience representing both tenants and landlords. We are prepared to guide clients through the legal process by providing experienced and knowledgeable representation and legal counsel.
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