Ensure Your Website Is Accessible with ADA Compliance Defense Attorneys

Solnick Law will Ensure Your Website Is Accessible with ADA Compliance Defense Attorneys

Making Your Site Accessible

In today’s business world, it is vital that a company not only has a website, but makes it a user-friendly, aesthetically engaging, and informative space that will pull in new customers and effectively you’re your products and services. However, many companies don’t realize that they are neglecting a large community of potential customers when they do not follow the guidelines set in place by Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

At Solnick Law, we will ensure that you are connected with ADA compliance defense attorneys who know the details of the ADA to get you not only protected from lawsuits, but also doing your best to connect with your full range of customers.

Protection from Lawsuits

If a website does not have full accessibility for users who are blind, visually impaired, or living with a cognitive disability, then plaintiffs’ lawyers can threaten lawsuits against those companies for denying them the full and equal enjoyment of goods and services in a place of public accommodation. With the help of ADA compliance defense attorneys, you can make the changes you need for your website to give it access that is in accordance with the law.

If a lawyer is already threatening a suit, then our ADA compliance defense attorneys will be prepared to defend you and prove that you are taking the adequate steps necessary to improve your site in accordance with Title III. We can also determine if the Auxiliary Aid Requirement applies, in which public accommodation must prove that attempting to comply with ADA requirements will fundamentally change the nature of the goods.

Final Word

Often, when creating a website with the intention of making your business flourish, steps are overlooked that can alienate potential customers from accessing your site. That is why at Solnick Law, we staff ADA compliance defense attorneys who know the intricacies of the law and are prepared to help you rebuild your site and protect you from potential lawsuits. Make sure you’re taking the right steps by giving us a call at (786) 629-6530.

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